Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Hello everybody..I hope you're all well! 

My entire life I always wanted to go to Ireland, it always fascinated me, so obviously my husband and I had to take a trip to Dublin. Dublin is by far one of the greatest cities I've ever been to, the atmosphere was incredible, the people were so nice and relaxed and just seemed happy, so happy, which of course made me even happier. I guess there is a real reason why they say "the luck of the Irish", a little side husband and I were there to celebrate our anniversary and we also got engaged in Dublin. I also heard some people talk in Gaelic for the first time and I felt so sad and jealous that I couldn't understand it, because it sounded so beautiful and awesome at the same time. Sadly we only could stay there for a weekend, but I think that we still managed to see a lot and I think we will be definitely going back back to Dublin someday. I would really recommend traveling to Dublin, amazing architecture, beautiful little shops, happy people and delicious Irish food awaits you...

Stay tuned and have an amazing day! -Maria

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