Sunday, October 25, 2015


Hello everybody..I hope you're all well! 

Where in the world are we "going" today..still in Europe. This was actually already uploaded on my other blog, but I really didn't want to keep it out, so here we go again. Welcome to beautiful Zurich in Switzerland. We, and by we I mean my husband and I of course, went to Zurich this year in January when I was visiting my family, so why not make a little road trip to a neighbor country. As you can probably tell already, yes it was really cold, it was snowing actually..which made me really happy to be honest, even though it was so freezing..everything just looked absolutely stunning covered in snow, I wouldn't wanted it any other way. I loved it, I absolutely loved it, I'm always a huge fan of big cities and Zurich was so worth visiting, we walked a lot..I mean A LOT! Which is always exciting, because you get to see more than the usual highlights of the city. A lot of tourists complain that the food in Switzerland is so damn expensive, well here are my thoughts on that..Yes, it is very expensive, but we already knew this because we did our homework before we drove there and only to eat out is very expensive, the food in some groceries stores is almost the same price as in Germany, so just buy your food in the store and you can safe some money..overall there is nothing negative to say about this trip, this city had a very sophisticated vibe to it and I can't say it often enough..I really enjoyed being there. 

Stay tuned and have an amazing day! -Maria

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