Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Hello everybody..I hope you're all well! 

Who doesn't like burgers? I don't know one single person who said I don't like burgers, but I did hear people saying that they don't like beer, but I'm sharing this restaurant with you because of the amazing burgers of course and not the beer, side note the beer is also really good, and if you're a little veggie just like me, I got you back..because they have the most amazing veggie burgers ever. This place is in Davis, (northern) California. Davis is pretty much a College town, and in the middle of this city/town you will find Burgers & Brew, but be aware this place is always, I mean always packed and there is usually at all times a waiting line in front of it, but don't turn it down because of a little (or more) waiting, you will love these Burgers and a little tip ..order the salad instead of regular french fries, the salad is really great and goes hand in hand with their big burgers.

(Veggie Burger + Side Salad + Pickles) 

Stay tuned and have an amazing day! -Maria

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