Saturday, April 16, 2016


Hello everybody..I hope you're all well!

It has been now two years since I moved to the states, and  I can't help but think about how much I've changed or the things I have learned about myself, I didn't know before I moved...So here are some of these thoughts..
The area I grew up in is mostly forest, and I never thought that I would miss the forest, the smell of it, the rain and the cold air, so much that I can physically feel how much I miss it..appreciate the nature that surrounds you. I never thought that I would love palm trees that much, I still get excited when I see palm trees, even though I have been surrounded by them for the last two years, I just still can't believe it. What I had to realize pretty fast is the fact that being stuck in traffic everyday, is a normality, at least in California, so if you're planning on moving to California..

 ...go ahead and purchase a bunch of audio books. Try to see at as a moment you can use to educate yourself about something, instead of a waste of time....Living abroad also has taught me that I have anxiety, and I think it's mostly triggered by being so far away from home and just everything familiar really. I was extremely intimidated by Americans and their fluent English, which is so silly because I do speak it fluently, I'm still learning of course, but people understand me and they I understood me two years ago, even when my English wasn't as it is now, and please don't be ashamed of your accent, it doesn't even matter where you from..just learn to love it!

I learned that most people are not in touch with the planet and their food, and seeing and realizing this, it made me to get in touch with the planet and my food, I can't even grasp my mind around of how beautiful this planet we're living on is,,it's mind blowing. Exactly with the food we're eating, most people I know just want to get something fast in their stomach after a long day, which I totally understand and did for so many years myself, but know I'm forcing myself to cook myself a healthy meal even when I had a long day, it's so good for you and your body, and most important you will start to appreciate the fact that you can actually make something delicious for yourself...And I guess the most important thing that I've learned is you become so independent, which feels so wonderful..What I'm trying to say with all of this, please don't be afraid to do something new, even when everybody around you doesn't understand your decision or thinks it's crazy, just do it anyway.


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